New Patient Dental Cleaning Appointment

At Pawlowicz Dentistry we value our New Patients. We will reserve a two-hour New Patient dental cleaning appointment with one of our highly trained Dental Hygienists. During this visit, you will experience the state-of-the-art technology that we utilize at every patient visit in our Mars and Lyndora locations.

Why Reserve A Two Hour New Patient Dental Cleaning

Your New Patient Dental Cleaning is your first experience with our dental practice. It is important that our Dental Team collects a full complement of your dental health records for us to best accommodate your individual dental needs. This allows you to experience the advanced state-of-the-art dental technology that Pawlowicz Dentistry offers at our Mars and Lyndora locations.

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What To Expect At Your New Patient Dental Cleaning Appointment

Health History

Our New Patient Concierge will collect your email address and send you a patient portal for you to fill out all of your necessary paperwork in the comfort of your own home! This allows our team to learn about your prior to your visit.

Digital Xrays

Our dental team will collect a full complement of digital dental X-rays at your New Patient visit. This allows our clinical team to establish a baseline of the health of your teeth. We utilize handheld dental technology that reduces the amount of radiation exposure. To learn more about our Digital x-ray technology click here!

Oral Health Screening

Our Dental Hygienist will perform a detailed examination of your oral health through multiple techniques. We perform an Oral Cancer Screening on every New Patient over the age of 18. Your Dental Hygienist will collect intraoral photos of all of your teeth with a digital dental computer camera. This allows for you to be a part of your dental treatment by viewing your teeth in high definition on our patient televisions.

Periodontal Health Screening

Our Dental Hygienist will collect a full periodontal charting that allows our dental team to evaluate your overall periodontal health.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our Dental Hygienist will perform an ultrasonic cleaning that is highly effective at reducing dental bacteria that is present in the oral cavity. Utilizing ultrasonic cleaning technology allows your dental hygienist to gently remove plaque and debris that is present on the teeth. Your dental hygienist will also utilize hand instruments to complete your dental cleaning.

Comprehensive Examination

The Doctors at Pawlowicz Dentistry will dedicate their time to reviewing all of the records that your dental hygienist collected. During your New Patient Examination, the Doctors at Pawlowicz Dentistry will review with you your dental treatment needs.

Fluoride Application

At the completion of your visit, your dental hygienist will offer you an enamel reinforcing varnish that will help remineralize and strengthen your teeth after your dental cleaning. Utilizing Fluoride after every cleaning is important to your dental health.

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