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“I had a lot of fillings that were getting older. When one fell out, I decided I ought to get something done, not only to keep from losing my teeth or having them degrade, but also for my overall health. Dr. Pawlowicz recommended a full-mouth reconstruction. I trust Dr. Pawlowicz to make the right decisions for my health. He is on the cutting edge of technology – on the forefront of future technology, actually – and his training and experience are outstanding. And even though I did it for my health, people do notice that my teeth look great.”



Butler PA DentistJean

“I have been a patient of Pawlowicz Dentistry for years. In fact, I was one of John Pawlowicz’s first patients. My whole family has come to this practice. It is a place I know and trust. Dr. John Pawlowicz has great training – I have all the faith in the world in the whole team! I always had a space between my front teeth and then I fell and cracked a front tooth. I decided to do it all – I had six veneers placed at once. This Group can get it all done in one office. I had my entire procedure finished in one day! I know I did the right thing – everyone loves my new smile.”



Lyndora PA Dentist and Butler County DentistMary

“I had come into Pawlowicz Dentistry to look for volunteers for a Blood Drive and saw the girls with beautiful white teeth. I came in for smile whitening but I had several cracked teeth so whitening wasn’t possible. Dr. Pawlowicz recommended that I have full mouth reconstruction, not only to make my teeth look the way I wanted them to, but also for my health. This is the best thing I ever did. Now my teeth are balanced, natural looking and so white. People stare at my smile. One of my clients said, “I want your smile!” I sent her to Pawlowicz Dentistry. I recommend Pawlowicz Dentistry to everyone! These doctors work together so well. Anything you need to have done, just come in and let these doctors do what they do best. Sit back, relax and let the professionals do what they’ve been trained to do…give you a beautiful smile.”


Pawlowicz Dentistry in Butler County PAMichael

“I have had dentures since I was 21. My previous dentist simply pulled my teeth when the fillings began to deteriorate. I was not give an other choices. when Dr. John Pawlowicz, Sr. started his practice in Lyndora, I became a patient of his. He made new dentures that fit beautifully and seemed almost like my own teeth. As time progressed and restoration became available, I had a full mouth reconstruction and implants done by Dr. John E. Pawlowicz. These doctors are so meticulous and caring. I knew they would do a wonderful job. The implant work was done quickly and surprsingly with no pain or discomfort. I am extremely pleased with the results”


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