Qualified dentists can now design a custom fit mouthguard to maximize performance in sports for professional and amateur athletes.  Performance mouthguards are backed by 40 years of Neuromuscular Dentistry research.  This research illustrates how the alignment of your jaw has a direct affect on your posture, balance and total body alignment.  Performance mouthguards increase air flow, strength, stamina and focus to enable you to reach unknown potential.


What is the difference between store bought and in-office mouthguards?

There are two options when buying sports guards from your local sporting goods store.  You can choose a stock guard, which is the least expensive.  The downside to stock guards is that they are preformed and don’t always fit, and they can make breathing and talking difficult.  The other option is called a boil and bite guard.  These may offer better protection than stock guards if you can achieve a good fit at home.

In-office mouthguards are custom made for you by your dentist, which provides you with the best fit.  Although they are more expensive than store bought guards, custom fit guards provide the best protection of the teeth and soft tissues to prevent injuries.


Many people grind and clench their teeth at night, which can cause wear on the teeth and muscle aches in the morning.  We can create a custom fit guard for you to wear at night to protect your teeth from wearing down.  The night guard does not eliminate your grinding and clenching, however you will wear down the guard and not your natural teeth.  You will periodically have to replace your nightguard, depending on the severity of your grinding and clenching.

(Please read about Neuromuscular Dentistry and Joint Pain Treatment to learn more about treating the cause of your grinding and clenching habit.)