Sedation Dentistry

“You dream while we work.”

Sedation Dentistry is a revolutionary way to accomplish your dental treatment goals without fear or anxiety.   It is often used during procedures that require an extensive amount of time in the dental chair, and is ideal for patients who exhibit dental phobia.  Sedation Dentistry offers anxiety-free dental care while you are in a deeply relaxed, yet fully responsive state.   When you awake, you are well rested, and your smile is healthier and more beautiful than ever.

Pawlowicz Dentistry contracts licensed certified anesthesiologists to perform your sedation, and monitor you throughout your entire appointment.  This ensures the best possible care while you are having your dental treatment completed.


Another option to reduce anxiety at dental appointments is to prescibe valium or ativan.  This medication can be taken the night before and the morning of a dental procedure.  These medications help the patient to relax and be comfortable enough to tolerate the procedure.

Patients using either one of these options will require a driver to and from the appointment.