Optimal Dentures/Partials

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth. A full denture replaces an entire row of teeth, either on the upper gumline or on the lower gumline. Partial dentures replace only missing teeth and can be configured in many ways. We help patients with both full and partial dentures on a regular basis.

In addition to needing full or partial dentures if you have issues related to TMJ, we can apply our training in neuromuscular dentistry to the design of your dentures to give you a fit that places your jaw into the best prosition to ease your jaw disorder.

Dentures replace both the missing teeth and tissues nearby that held the teeth in place. Sometimes extractions are necessary depending on your diagnosis. One advantage of dentures is that they are removalbe, making for easy cleaning and adjustment. Made of resin and porcelain, complete dentures are used to replace all the teeth.

If you are only missing a few teeth, a partial denture can be used. In addition to replacing the function of the tooth and your aesthetic appearance, partial dentures keep nearby healthy teeth from moving and creating further problems.

Both full and partial dentures improve chewing ability and speech. Restoring the teeth supports facial muscles as well, so you do not begin to get a hollowed-out appearance due to the loss of teeth.