Endodontics/Root Canal Nerve Treatments

Endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal is a procedure we regularly perform for patients as part of our general dental health services.

A root canal procedure is required when the vital inner part of the tooth, know as the pulp, becomes diseased or otherwise injured. Patients usually require immediate treatment when this injury causes acute pain. More often, however, treatment can effectively be performed before pain accompanies the injury. Without care, the tooth and supporting bone can become infected. Severe infection may lead to the need for extraction.

In a root canal procedure, we access the pulp area of the tooth to remove the injured tissue, clean and sterilize the canals and seal teh area to proteact it from further disease. We then replace the damaged tooth structure with an appropriate restoration.

If possible, we may apply our CEREC technology to make the final restoration the day of the root canal. This makes a root canal and the restorative procedure a one-visit process at our office!