White/Composite Fillings

You can now have your teeth restored with biocompatible, metal-free resin restorations. Whether removing dental decay, replacing a failing restoration or replacing unsightly existing metal fillings, there are many varieties of non-metal restorations available to you. For fillings, these “white” fillings are composed of biocompatible composite resins bonded to tooth structure.

The reasons we exclusively use metal-free restorations in our office are quite compelling. Safety, strength and appearance! Silver-mercury (metal) amalgam have become obsolete because they place your teeth at risk. Not only do they detract from the appearance of the teeth, turning them dark and gray, they also damage the remaining part of the tooth  increasing the rate of fracture risk and the need for future root canal treatment. Bonded resin restorations can actually improve tooth structure to 80% of its original strength.

Metal fillings expand and contract with temperature changes. This movement weakens and cracks teeth. It also creates space between the tooth wall and the filling allowing bacteria to enter, causing decay. Evidence continues to grow showing that metal fillings may leak mercury toxins for up to 20 years after initial placement. Composite resin fillings have none of these dangers.

For these reasons, we choose beautiful and strong composite resin restorations for our patients.