Full Mouth Reconstruction

Each patient who presents with joint (TMJ) or facial pain, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), multiple broken and/or missing teeth or chronic headaches as part of their overall dental evaluation is a candidate for a neuromuscular evaluation.

It can sometimes be the case that the desire for cosmetic changes occurs because underlying disharmonies of the bite have caused unsightly damage – chipping, war, broken teeth – over time  these problems and the appearance they give your smile may often be the initial reason a patient seeks cosmetic dentistry, however, correcting the smile can also correct the other symptoms.

Specific bioinstrumentation is used to assess optimal function among the joint and muscles and measure the bite. By using this precise instrumentation as well as more traditional radiographs (x-rays) and models of your teeth, the guesswork is taken out of determining the correct position of the bite an the degree of reconstruction. In some cases, only certain teeth, usually molars can be reconstructed to achieve the harmony necessary to alleviate the joint and facial pain. In other cases, full mouth reconstruction allows the dentist to specifically reconstruct the ideal tooth relationship to work with the whole of your anatomy.

Since the full-mouth reconstruction focuses on the relationship between muscles and jaw joints as well as the teeth themselves, when properly aligned, the teeth function in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles and the repaired teeth will not experience the same destructive forces that damaged the natural teeth. A stable, pain free, as well as beautiful smile is the result.